use of social media to improve the popularity of your business

Use Social Media to improve the popularity of your business

Every business owner has atleast some ideas for growing their business. Modern businesses use social media for growing their business effectively. Social media is now considered as the powerful tool for the business organizations to grow their business substantially. They are required to keep updated with the social media marketing strategies, tools and trends in order to find the success for their business. For improving the popularity of business, social media is used for marketing purposes like advertising and promotion of the products and services. When the businesses are targeting various social media websites for marketing and promotion, it is going to be more profitable for the businesses.


This is a powerful social media platform which is being used by the marketers for advertising and promotion. You can post ads, share the link of your business, create a community and follow the strategies to grow the number of followers on Facebook. 

Step to post ads on Facebook

For posting ads on Facebook, unpaid and paid ad posting both is available. Unpaid ad posting includes sharing of the links or posts of text, image or video ads. Ads Manager and Power Editor are used for paid ad posting on Facebook.

  1. Choose the ad which you want to promote.
  2. Target the right audience. Specify the people to whom you want your ad to be visible.
  3. Select the option for how many days you want to boost your ad. Choose the number of days according to your budget.
  4. Post the ad.

 Facebook ad manager provides multiple options for you to make your ad customized. It will also ask you how you want to make your ad visible. Create Facebook page of your company and add the followers to increase its popularity. The ads posted on Facebook should be treated like a search engine so that it improves the discoverability of your business.


Twitter handling is an important part of social media advertising. This helps in enhancing the visibility of your business along with its seriousness. Be consistent with the tweets on topics which are of general interest. Your twitter posts should be influencing and to the topic to gain attention from the target customers. You can reach the specific or target customers by making the posts on the customer centric social media website. It is the best option for influencing if you are not able to find the e-mail addresses of the customers. Tweet and retweet to gain attention. Be responsive to the comments, answer the questions and redress the complaints of the users to improve the visibility of your business through twitter.


It is the photo sharing and video sharing social media website on which anyone can post. Text ads or image ads fall flat on the social media whereas the video ads are engaging and attract the customers. It is the convenient and the engaging way to popularize your business. You can get a seamless experience of advertising. Ads posted on Instagram appear in bold and linear format which is visually more appealing. Photo ads can be posted to create your own story. Video ads upto 60 seconds long can be posted to gain a quick attention from the customers. Multiple images and videos can be shared at the same time to create Carousel ads. This helps in adding an in-depth detail to your ads.

Simple steps to get started with Instagram ads

Step1: Create your profile on Instagram.

Step2:  Use Ads Manager or Power Editor to set up your ad.

Step3:  Determine for how long you want your ad to be displayed and in what manner. You should also select the budget to advertise effectively.

Step4:  Now, publish your ads to make it more visible to the targeted audience.

Instagram also offers you to buy the ads and post it on the Instagram page to gain more attention from the users. Promote the ad posts by sharing it with your friends and their friends or getting in touch with the other Instagram users.  This helps the business to build the brand value and gain more attention from the business users.

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