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E-Commerce Website Development cost

The popularity of e-commerce is attributed to the growing trend of online shopping. Many of the customers now prefer to shop online rather than going to the market that costs them high in terms of money, time and convenience.  Seeing a sharp inclination towards online shopping, there are lots of business owners including manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers who transformed their business into e-commerce. This enabled the businesses to reach the targeted customers easily and sell the products.  For this, they have to open their online stores for which they need to take the services of website developers for developing e-commerce websites. Shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and others are the example of e-commerce website.

Growth of e-commerce website development

While getting the e-commerce website developed for the business, there are many business owners who are worried about the cost of development. Many of them don’t have the idea what are the things that are included in the cost of website development because their web developer will not share the detailed bifurcation of cost.  There are lots of things that are included in the cost of e-commerce sites but before that you should learn about the e-commerce websites.

The inside view of e-commerce websites

E-commerce websites are basically the most dynamic websites because there is a need to update the content every hour.  It is not like the common types of website that you see on the internet.  This type of website allows the users to pick the products and add them to the cart. Choose from the different types of payment options. Thus, e-commerce websites are designed with highly secured source codes. This type of website allows the business owners to get the full control of their business by using the e-commerce website manager. Multiple language options are also available.

Overall, the features which are required to make the e-commerce websites are:

  • Creativity and innovation in web design
  • Page loading time
  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy navigation tool
  • Logo design
  • Addition of payment gateways
  • CMS system to manage the website

Platforms used for developing e-commerce websites

It is the fact that the cost of development of e-commerce website is higher than the other types of websites. Sometimes, the cost of e-commerce website development goes up to INR 2, 00, 000. This is because of the number of features that any e-commerce websites can hold. Website developers used different types of platforms for developing the websites. Some of those platforms include:

  • Magento: It is the most popular website development platform that allows the developers to perform high end customization of the websites from the front and the back end.
  • PrestaShop: It is the free platform for developing e-commerce websites. The best thing about this type of website development platform is that there is no need of complex coding or a lot of technical things.
  • Custom PHP: With the help of this platform, you can get the lightweight e-commerce website. It uses the platforms like laravel and cakePHP and database like MySQL.
  • WordPress: This is the easiest way to develop any website. On WordPress, there are plugins for creating different types of websites. E-commerce website development becomes cheaper with this platform. Hence, most of the startups get their websites designed on this platform.

Check out the e-commerce website development package

When you plan for getting the e-commerce website development for your online business in India, get the quotes of the top website development companies. On an average, the cost of a professional looking e-commerce website is about $300-$500 while the multi vendor e-commerce web development cost is about $1500-$3000.   The price of e-commerce website development goes high with the addition of features that the business owner expects in the e-commerce website.

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